What to expect at your first appointment

Children and Adolescents

Depending upon the age of the child we may see the parents alone, the child alone, or may divide the first assessment session between parents and child. Your first appointment will typically be a 60 minute clinical interview, during which we will ask you many questions about your current concerns, as well as about your child’s developmental, academic and psychological history. We will also ask about family history as it is pertinent to your child.

The first several sessions may focus on information gathering and rapport building. Completing the intake questionnaire and sending it to us in advance of your initial appointment will facilitate the assessment process, allowing us to develop recommendations and begin treatment with your child right away.


The first consultation will be a 60-minute clinical interview in which we will ask you about your current concerns, your reason for scheduling a consultation, and your family, educational and employment history.

In many cases it is necessary to continue this interview process for a second appointment, which would be scheduled at the time of your first visit.

Insurance & Confidentiality

Dr. Spector is an out-of-network provider. If you decide to use your health insurance to pay for psychotherapy, be aware that your insurance company and, in some cases, your employer, will now have access to information about your mental health. (See HIPAA information). Therapists are required to provide information so that individuals can receive benefits and this typically involves making a diagnosis from the DSM IV and giving treatment information.

Health insurance may cover part or all of the treatment costs. Individuals will need to check with their insurance company to determine if, and to what extent, they cover out-patient mental health care.
Patients will receive a billing statement at the end of each month which serves as a receipt to send to the insurance company. This statement will include the information requested and accepted by all insurance companies, such as diagnosis, type of service provided and charges for services received on that day. Additional information will be provided, as needed, upon request.


All our forms are now available via the client portal.