Forms to complete

What to bring to your first appointment:

    1. Copies of relevant records (Medical/Psychological/School)

This might include report cards, test scores, test reports or any other records pertinent to your or your child’s difficulties. Please bring photocopies of these reports rather than original copies. We want to guard against the possibility of losing your original copies. If you prefer, you may mail copies of records in advance of your initial consultation. This will facilitate the history-taking phase and allow us to move more quickly into the treatment phase.

    1. Please read, print, and fill out the following forms:

Patient Agreement Form
Notice of Policies and Practices
Client Information Form
Authorization Form for Release of Clinical Record

In addition to questions asked on these forms, please feel free to write down or email any other information you feel will be helpful to us in understanding the problems for which you are seeking our consultation. If you prefer, you may complete the Intake forms at the time of your first appointment. If so, please be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes in advance of your appointment time.